Which Pilates or Barre Training is Right for You?

Which Pilates or Barre Training is Right for You?

Choosing your Teacher Training Provider can be daunting. How do you know which provider to go with? How do you compare the Courses, the Training School? We've put together a Checklist to help to evaluate different providers and what works for you. 

It's kind of like choosing a school for your kids. There's no doubt some schools are better than others, but what is more important is that the school suits your child. If you child is sporty but not super academic, then sending them to a highly academic school does not align with their needs. Thinking about your own training in a similar way. What do you need to be succussful as an Instructor. What's important to you?  Let's get started.

Choose a Training Provider Checklist

#1. Write down what's important to you

Step 1 is to write yourself a list of what's important to you when learning. You may wish to include:
◻️ Your goals for your learning. For example: I want to get a job teaching Mat Pilates within 6 months. 
◻️ How you like to learn. For example: are you a visual learner, do you learn better when shown something.
◻️ Flexibility with your learning. Can you travel, do a full-time Course, weekends?

#2. Think about what you want to do after receiving your Certification

This can sometimes be a difficult question as you haven't even started yet! We get it. But understanding where you want to end up will help you decide how you want to get there. 

#3. Do some research. Look into different providers and courses. 

Next step is letting your fingers do the walking (or research) in this case.

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