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Unlock Your passion and turn your love for Pilates or barre into a fulfilling profession. At Aleenta Training, we specialise in empowering individuals like you - existing fitness instructors, clinicians, and newcomers - to become confident and inspiring Pilates and Barre Instructors. We go beyond simply training you in technique. Our mission is to ignite your potential to become a teacher, a coach, an educator, a champion, and a community builder.

With our small classes and expert guidance, you'll graduate equipped with the skills and confidence to lead dynamic, enjoyable, and effective classes anywhere you go. Get ready to unleash your potential and make a lasting impact on the lives of others through the power of Pilates and Barre.

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Why Choose Aleenta Training?

We believe in the transformative power of Pilates and Barre and are dedicated to helping you unlock your potential and embark on an inspiring journey towards becoming a Certified Instructor in these invigorating disciplines.

When it comes to choosing a training program, we understand you want the best. Aleenta Training is a leader in Pilates and Barre instruction, offering unparalleled expertise, a comprehensive curriculum, and a supportive learning environment.

We use the practical experience of running our Studios, and serving thousands of clients weekly, to continually monitor and upgrade the training experience.

Experience and Expertise

Co-Founders Alicia and Dr Dan Harvie, combine more than a decade of practical teaching and studio management experience with University Anatomy and Biomechanics Lecturing. Bringing a wealth of knowledge to the table, Alicia and Dan are passionate about passing on their expertise and guiding you to become a skilled instructor.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Providing a well-rounded education, our Courses equip you with the skills and knowledge to excel. Certified by AUSactive, our curriculum covers everything from fundamental principles and anatomy to advanced and practical teaching techniques, ensuring you graduate as a confident and competent instructor.

Supportive Learning Environment

We believe learning should be a joyful and inclusive experience. At Aleenta Training, you'll find a supportive community that encourages growth and celebrates individual progress. We're dedicated to nurturing your potential, helping you thrive both personally and professionally.

Upcoming Courses 2023


Enrol into your chosen course by 1 September 2023. You'll get started with online coursework combined with Tuesday night weekly Zoom tutorials (7-9pm ACST) for 6 weeks from Tuesday 5 September. These weekly tutorials keep you accountable and on-track and ensure you have loads of access to Alicia and Dan to ask as many questions as you want! The tutorials are essential to ensuring you're fully prepared for the Intensive.

You'll then join us for a 4-Day Intensive in-person. This is where the magic happens and includes your practical assessment on the last day of the Intensive.

  • Barre Intensive

    2023 DATES (SA)

    Thursday 2 Nov: 8am-4pm
    Friday 3 Nov: 8am-4pm
    Saturday 4 Nov: 8am-4pm
    Sunday 5 Nov: 8am-4pm

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  • Pilates Intensive

    2023 DATES

    Thursday 19 Oct:  8am-4pm
    Friday 20 Oct: 8am-4pm
    Sat 21 October: 12-7pm
    Sunday 22 October: 12-7pm

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  • Reformer Intensive

    2023 DATES

    Thursday 26 Oct:  8am-4pm
    Friday 27 Oct: 8am-4pm
    Sat 28 October: 12-7pm
    Sunday 29 October: 12-7pm

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    Training Instructors

  • 100,000+

    Studio Classes

  • 500,000+

    Client Visits

  • 1,000+

    Online Classes

Barre Instructor Mastery: Empower Yourself with Comprehensive Training

150 hour in-person intensive & online course

Embark on a transformative journey to become a Barre Instructor, equipped with the skills and confidence to orchestrate captivating classes from day one. Join our immersive training program, where you'll delve into the intricacies of biomechanics and anatomy intertwined with the art of Barre technique. Prepare to unleash your creativity as you discover the secrets to crafting dynamic and results-driven classes.

Learn More About Barre Training

Master the Foundations of Pilates

150 hour in-person intensive & online course

A comprehensive course, the Foundations of Pilates is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to confidently teach Pilates matwork in both one-on-one and group class settings. With a meticulous blend of online resources and face-to-face intensives, you'll receive comprehensive support and guidance every step of the way.

Throughout this immersive program, you'll dive deep into the principles of Pilates, gaining a profound understanding of its core tenets. We'll take an in-depth look at anatomy and biomechanics, illuminating the intricate workings of the human body and how it relates to Pilates practice. From there, you'll learn the art of delivering effective and knowledgeable Pilates classes that produce tangible results.

Prepare to expand your teaching repertoire and refine your instructional techniques as you explore the nuances of Pilates instruction. By the end of this course, you'll possess a wealth of expertise and the confidence to inspire your students with the timeless principles of Pilates.

Learn More About Pilates Training

Teach Reformer


Take your Mat Pilates Training to the next level and learn how to become an amazing Reformer Pilates Instructor.

Our Reformer Pilates Course takes what you've learnt in the Foundations of Pilates and applies it to the Reformer apparatus. A fun and popular piece of equipment, this Course focuses on learning the apparatus, how to teach the Pilates exercises on the Reformer, cueing and much more.

*NOTE: A pre-requisite for the Reformer Pilates Course is you must have previously completed a Foundational Mat Pilates course.

Learn More About Reformer Training
  • AusACTIVE Registered CEC Provider

Pay Upfront Or In Weekly Instalments

We've made it even more accessible to make the leap and start living a rewarding life. No longer do you need to pay $$ upfront, simply pay a deposit and then weekly instalments over 6 months.

Meet Alicia & Dr Daniel Harvie



My name's Alicia, and with my husband Dr Daniel Harvie, we've created Aleenta Training to train people just like you. Dan and I are passionate about inspiring and developing the next generation of Instructors with Courses we wished were available when we started out.

Dan adds his clincian's eye to our Courses as a Lecturer & Researcher, a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and published author. And I add my copious amounts of qualifications in movement, combined with 15 years experience as a Professional Contemporary dancer, Pilates and Barre Instructor and Studio owner.

I absolutely love sharing my love of movement and teaching you to become movement experts yourself.

As fitness professionals we are at the forefront of keeping people moving in a safe and effective way.

My aim is to inspire you to change people's lives and become a teacher, a coach, an educator, a champion, a culture and community maker.

I promise you there's nothing more rewarding.

Alicia x

Aleenta Training Student ❤️

Get The Facts


Do I need to be a fitness instructor to do this training?

No, you don't need to be a fitness instructor or in the health and fitness field to do our Courses. You simply need a passion for fitness and helping others to achieve their health and fitness goals. We always highly recommend that as part of your journey to becoming a barre and/or Pilates instructor that you also complete a Certificate 3 in Group Fitness. We'll chat more with you about this during the Course.

Help! I don't know whether to do barre or Pilates?

We know it's a tough decision. Pilates is a great one to kick off with because it provides you with the foundations of Pilates. And Pilates is a key element of teaching barre which is a fusion of ballet technique and exercises with Pilates. Having the foundational Pilates knowledge is a great platform to then learn barre. However, everyone's circumstances are different and we encourage you to reach out to and we can chat further about your specific situation.

Can I receive recognition of prior learning ...

Yes! if you are a clinician and are well versed in anatomy and biomechanics, we recommend our clinician stream where we focus on teaching you to use your skillset and apply Pilates and/or barre to the clinical setting. All other requests for RPL will be taken on a case-by-case basis.

I can't attend in person, can i still do this course?

Yes absolutely. In addition to the face-to-face Intensives we run online "face-to-face" Intensives via Zoom. Meaning you can join us from anywhere in the World. Much like our IRL Intensives you will undertake all the practical on zoom with other Students and break into 'rooms' to practice and we'll come back together as a group to share.

Do I have to pay upfront?

You have 2 options to pay for your course! You can either pay upfront or we have a Payment Instalment plan available. All you need to do is pay via the deposit option and we will be in contact to set up a weekly direct debit.

Please be aware that you will not officially graduate your course until all instalments have been paid.

If you complete early and still have remaining payments you have the option to completely pay off your course early and receive your course completion certificate.

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