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Learn how to become an amazing Pilates Instructor, have the confidence to create challenging classes and be a rockstar Instructor from day one. Boost your confidence and master Reformer Pilates.

Learn how to become a confident Reformer Pilates Instructor and create challenging and effective classes. 

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150 Hours

Pre-Course Study

40 Hours

Study Format

Online + Face-To-Face Intensives


You must have completed a Mat Pilates course via another training provider or our Aleenta Pilates Foundations Course.

Time To Complete

6 months. Fees will apply after this time.

CEC Points

15 from AusActive

Why Reformer Pilates Instructor Training?

This in-depth course teaches you everything you need to know about applying the the foundations of Pilates technique to the reformer machine. 

You will learn all about the Reformer Pilates Machine combined with an extensive repertoire of 200+ exercises on the Reformer. You will also learn the importance of safety and how to set-up your clients for success.

There is a strong focus on guiding you how to teach and be a great Instructor. The exercises are only one part of the course, how you deliver the class is just as important. During our 3 day Intensive, you'll spend time learning how these exercises feel on your own body and how you can use this to teach your clients. This course is physically and mentally intense, but equips you with everything you need to excel as a Reformer Pilates Instructor.

  • AusACTIVE Registered CEC Provider
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    Choose Your Course & Enrol

  • Pre-Intensive

    Complete online modules & self-study pre-intensive.

  • Face-To-Face

    Attend 3-days face-to-face practical intensive.

  • Observation

    Attend 40 classes for observation & reflection.

  • Submit

    Complete final assessment & submit.

  • Completion

    Successful completion - ready to take on the world!

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How It Works

Reformer Pilates Training is made up of online self-study at your own pace, 3-Day Face-to-Face Intensive, observation hours and a final practical assessment.

  • Highly Engaging Online & Self-Study

    Enjoy online learning at your own pace with video, activities, lessons, and quizzes. Each unit includes a detailed visual instruction manual, video and interactive quiz. Learn the concepts visually and via demonstratation. You'll also get tested your understanding of the material. 

  • Face-to-Face Intensive

    Apply your online learning in real life. You'll learn what makes a great class, how to design effective classes and practice class delivery. You'll explore how the exercises feel on your body and how you translate this into your teaching. Enjoy the small classes and learn from your fellow Course attendees.

  • Practical Class Assessment

    The practical assessment is the culmination of both the online and pratical Intensive. You'll be amazed at how much you've learnt! This assessment will test the application of your knowledge and ability to deliver the class you've designed.

  • Observation & Class-Reflection

    Class observation, participation and reflection is essential to developing your skills. Here you'll learn tips, tricks and skills to create your own voice and style. We encourage you to experience a range of classes, Studios and Instructors to learn what you like, dislike and what sort of Instructor you'll become.

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Face-To-Face Intensives

Courses can be commenced at anytime. The Course dates below reference the face-to-face intensive dates. When you enrol you'll enrol into chosen immersive dates. When selecting dates ensure you have chosen dates which allow enough time for the pre-work required (approximately 40hrs) per Course.

  • Carley Bezzina

    PT, Reformer Pilates Training Graduate

    I found the Aleenta Reformer Pilates course interesting, challenging, and rewarding. The content had a lovely flow through the different topics, was easy to work through with both written and practical assignments. The comments from my tutor were always very encouraging and positive, I especially enjoyed the face-to-face Training days.

  • Tiphenie Evans

    Dancer, Reformer Pilates Training Graduate

    I really enjoyed the Aleenta Reformer Training. We had a 3 day intensive with Alicia, who is so knowledgeable. We learnt how the reformers work and compared different models, as there are many different kinds and it's handy to know the differences and similarities. She also taught us the wide range of Pilates exercises possible on the reformer, including using jumpboards and boxes in many different ways. I learnt so much in these three days and throughout the rest of the course. We completed our own research on the history of Pilates, and Joseph Pilates himself, and how he developed the reformer and his other apparatuses. By the end of this course I really noticed myself becoming a much better instructor. I am still wanting to learn more and will keep doing so through my teaching.

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meet your instructor

Alicia Harvie

Alicia Min Harvie is a contemporary dancer and performance maker, Master Trainer and Head of the Aleenta Instructor Training School. She's dedicated 13-years, two Bachelor Degrees, a Diploma in Pilates therapy, a Cert 4 in Training and Assessment to her love of movement. Having fun exercising with friends, the reward of feeling strong and reaching goals is what drives her to help others do the same. 


Foundations Of Fitness


Detailed anatomy delivered in a fun, informative and easy-to-understand module. 


Essential terminology to understand movement

Exercise Physiology

Applying the principles of exercise physiology to understand how exercise effects the body's systems. 

Postural Assessment

Learn how to observe, analyse and assess posture to provide alignment cue

Exercise Pre-Screening

Learn how to perform an exercise pre-screen and modify for injury, pain and limitation.

Pre & Post-natal Exercise

Understand how the body changes through pregnancy and how to modify exercises for pre and post-natal.

  • History & Principles of Pilates

    Learn the origins of Reformer Pilates and the philosophy of Contrology applied to the Reformer. We also discuss Clinical Pilates and why it has adopted the Reformer.

  • Foundational Reformer Pilates Exercises

    Learn fundamental exercises for the Reformer Pilates machine. We cover these during our face-to-face intensive so you can experience these exercises on your body and others. 

  • Reformer Mechanisms & Safety Considerations

    The anatomy of the Reformer, equipment maintenance & safety. Then apply this knowledge practically on the Reformer.

  • Reformer Pilates Class Design & Assessment

    How to structure flowing, balanced and challenging Reformer Pilates classes. You will create your own class and be assessed on your class creation and execution.

  • What makes a Great Instructor

    How you communicate your knowledge is equally important as what you are communicating. Learn how to inspire and motivate your class to achieve their individual goals via tactile and verbal cueing combined with regressing and progressing clients.

  • Class Reflections

    An essential element of becoming a great Instructor is reflecting on what works in class design, delivery and style. The best way to obtain this knowledge is through personal experience attending classes at a range of fitness providers.

Let's talk details


Are there any pre-requisites for this Course?

You must have completed a Foundational (Mat) Pilates Course prior to undertaking the Reformer Pilates Instructor Training. You can undertake this Training through Aleenta Instructor Training or another provider. We also require you to undertake a minimum of ten Reformer Classes prior to commencing the face-to-face Intensive. But the more the better!

What on-going support do I receive?

For two weeks prior and two weeks post the face-to-face intensive you will have online access to our Master Trainer and support team to complete the pre and post work requirements. There is a community tool set up so that you can communicate with your class peers and Master Trainer over this 4 weeks period.

How long does the Course take?

The Course is a total of 150 hours. This includes approx. 40 hours of pre-Course online study, 3 days face-to-face intensive and further online and self-reflection/observation hours. We recommend allowing 6 months to complete the Course.

Is the Reformer Pilates Course Certified?

The Reformer Pilates Instructor Training Course is a Fitness Australia Approved CEC Program. Participants who successfully complete the Program will be eligible to attain a total of 15 CECs.

Can I pay in instalments?

YES! We have a Payment Instalment plan available. All you need to do is pay via the deposit option (this covers your face-to-face costs) and we will be in contact to set up a weekly direct debit.

For a single course the plan has a $459 deposit paid upfront with $65 weekly direct debits over 26 weeks.

Please be aware that you will not officially graduate your course until all instalments have been paid.

If you complete early and still have remaining payments you have the option to completely pay off your course early and receive your course completion certificate.

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