Where Are They Now? 2019 Barre Graduate, Christie

Where Are They Now? 2019 Barre Graduate, Christie

Christie completed her Aleenta Barre Instructor Training in 2019 at our Adelaide location, with then-assistant trainer Clair.

Tell us about yourself! 

Hi, I’m Christie from Indonesia. I am a health enthusiast and I love to workout on a daily basis. I have tried several workout types, but fell in love with Barre from the first time I tried it. I love barre because it burns in the right places (feels so good!) and it’s a low impact workout that is safe for the joints, it’s a type of workout that I’m sure I will be doing as I age.

Why did you decide to do your Barre Instructor Training?

As my love towards barre grew, I decided to learn more about it by registering myself to a teacher training. At the same time, the studio that I regularly visited needed a new teacher. So, I thought the timing was perfect!

How do you use your certification now?

I teach at the studio where I used to come often as a member before taking the teacher training. I’ve been teaching at the studio, and teaching online since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. 


What was the number 1 thing you learnt during the course that you still use to this day?

I loved the ballet workshop on day 1. I always remember what I learnt on that day whenever creating a new sequence for my class, because I try to create a set of movements that are athletic yet graceful. Even though the members are not professional ballerinas, or have learnt ballet before, I aim to create movements that make them feel good.

What did you think you would struggle with most after the course, and do you still struggle with this?

Well, sometimes when I create a sequence, the duration is miscalculated, but as time goes, I always prepare a backup plan if the duration is shorter than what I’ve planned… doing extra counts doesn’t hurt the members either!

Christie at the barre in chair position in a blue leotard and black leggings 

How has your perspective changed now that you’ve completed training?

I thought being a fitness instructor was easy, but actually there is so much preparation and knowledge to be a good one. Just a fit body is not enough to be an instructor, each body has different needs, and each person has different persistence.

I’m grateful that I have my teacher training at Aleenta. Shout-out to the great educators, and the classmates, who are so inspiring and make the learning process fun. I love the class vibes and am thankful that I’ve overcome the burn of hundreds of pliés during the training!


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