Where Are They Now? 2017 Barre Graduate, Jes

Where Are They Now? 2017 Barre Graduate, Jes

1. Tell us about yourself! 
I’m Jes, and I am from Warwick South East of Queensland. I studied Barre teacher training with Aleenta in 2017. I had already been a fitness trainer in a gym for 5 years, had completed Pilates and yoga teacher trainings, and wanted to add Barre classes to my studio and this course looked great! I had purchased the USB class (remember those days!!) and loved it. 
2. How do you use your certification now?

 All in my own studio, I offer studio classes, online classes and one on one sessions. 



3. What was the number 1 thing you learnt that you still use to this day?
The ballet terms. I am no ballerina or dancer, but I love the ballet knowledge I got through my Aleenta teacher training, it gave me a better understanding of why barre is unique. 


5. What did you think you would struggle with most after the course, and do you still struggle with this?
The strength with the burn!! And alignment. It takes dedication to having your own daily practice. Believe in yourself, you will and do improve with practice. 


6. How has your perspective changed now that you’ve completed training?
It’s more confidence than anything else; anyone can do barre classes, there is always variations of movements, and I believe it's one of the most fun classes. 


7. How have you navigated the COVID-19 pandemic as an Instructor? Did the course give you any tools you were able to use teaching during a pandemic?

 During COVID like many other businesses, classes all went zoom for online to be accessible and we now have a complete library of yoga Pilates and barre classes available on our website: Https://essenceofmyheart.com.au 

 8. Any advice for new instructors taking or thinking of taking our course?

 Do it! Even if you aren't ready to teach and just want more understanding of your body and moving, with barre, knowledge and confidence is power in your own practice. Alicia is a beautiful teacher trainer and she’s a dancer herself so was great to learn from, and it’s such a great way to grow internally, and you always meet like-minded people on the course. I would definitely love to do the course again!

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