Barre exploding in Popularity

Thinking of a career in fitness? Barre Fitness is exploding in popularity.

Barre Fitness hit the Australian fitness scene over a decade ago and continues to explode in popularity. A fusion of ballet technique with Pilates and ballet-style exercises, the class is usually a one-hour studio or at-home workout. 

Huge in the USA, barre fitness was brought to Australia by Xtend Barre and Barre Body.

But why is it so popular? This article from the Los Angeles Times discusses why this workout continues to explode in popularity. 

And we couldn't agree more! As the article goes on to explain,

"The real secret is that they've found a way to make exercise fun and enjoyable...I think that is really the magic ingredient."

Another reason for the popularity is that it requires minimal equipment unlike Reformer Pilates, treadmills or weight machines.
To learn more, check out the full article here:
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