Student Testimonials: Ricky, Mat Pilates Training Course

Student Testimonials: Ricky, Mat Pilates Training Course



My name is Ricky and I am doing the Aleenta Mat Pilates instructor training course.

A lot of the body awareness that I wasn't sure of, we've done a lot of different Mat Pilates base moves and ones I've never seen or heard of before. And just the amount of time and care that has been put into making sure that we know what we're using properly and so that we can use that on ourselves once we leave and on other people.

Well, the reason that I took the leap to try to become an instructor is because I wanted to learn more about myself and because I have a lot of injuries and I want to be able to work on myself and then to be able to bring that to others in the future. I'd like to be able to help people with their own injuries and just understanding their bodies more and be able to do other forms of exercise that they didn't know could be so rewarding. Because I think that Mat Pilates has so much more to offer than most people expect.

You know, I think you can build muscle, you can lose weight, you can fix your injuries. And. Just like so much. The reason that I chose to go to (Aleenta) instructor training is that I just love the classes so much. I started at the end of last year and they (Aleenta) just put so much care and attention into every one of their clients. You know, if anyone was ever having problems, maybe they weren't able to hold a pose properly or, you know, something they would always come over to you. Even though there's a full classroom, they'd take the time out for everyone. I feel very comfortable there. So it's yeah, just the people and the instructors. It's great.

Yeah, I'd recommend the training as a retreat because it's so it's different to all kinds of trainings that I've, you know, done in the past. Usually, you do, you know, training courses in an office and you come in one day, you leave the next, you come in and you know, you don't always get that much out of it. And but here with, you know, doing it the whole day, but we're having fun in between.

[...] So Aleenta instructor training, I think that's, what I found is that there is just a lot of variety, you know, you come and you don't feel like you're really just learning the moves. You kind of feel like you're getting the full-body awareness, balance, control, you know, strength and learning about your body and its own weaknesses and what you could be doing better. I just feel like there's kind of more of a holistic learning process to the whole thing, and that's been so beneficial for me.

I think, you know, something that I've taken away from this is that I feel like I know myself better and feel like what I've learned here. I can kind of take those strengths, those weaknesses, you know, that I've learnt about myself and work on that and try to make that into the process of me becoming a better instructor, not just for other people, but for myself as well.

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