Student Testimonials: Natalie, Mat Pilates Training Course

Student Testimonials: Natalie, Mat Pilates Training Course



My name is Natalie and I am thoroughly enjoying being on the Aleenta Mat Pilates Retreat Teacher Training.

I regularly teach dance and I'm a barre instructor (done through Aleenta Training) and I do believe that we can never stop learning. And when I saw that the teacher training was going to be presented as a retreat, I felt like this was the opportune time to add to my skill set.

I like the Aleenta Barre and Mat Pilates courses due to the comfortable environment that the instructors are providing for the students and the online prerequisite material is really easy to delve into and is enjoyable to complete at your own pace.

Yes, I would thoroughly recommend doing your teacher training or just a client's retreat with Aleenta. The staff are very welcoming and have made a wonderful environment and teacher training has been fantastic and to be catered for and treated was a really lovely experience throughout.

After attending the Aleenta Barre course, it was immediately implemented into our local studio, which gained another aspect for our community for classes to attend. It also was a huge benefit to my own personal fitness because it's a type of style closer to dance that I thoroughly enjoy undertaking personally. Adding the Pilates concepts to the dance classes will help the students fine-tune their range of movements and find the required muscles that they are using during dancing. And it can only benefit the barre class when we want to hit the mat a bit more and give their legs a burner in a different style.

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