Student Testimonials: Maddy, Barre Training Course

Student Testimonials: Maddy, Barre Training Course


Hi. My name is Maddy and I have come to do the Barre Aleenta Instructor course.

My normal career is as a paramedic. I've been doing that for about six years, which I love, but obviously can be stressful at times. Shift work can be stressful and it's really important that we look after our bodies. I've been doing barre for probably about three years and loved it. It's a good challenge and I come from a background of ballet as a kid, really developed a love of dancing, found that barre was a really good way as an adult to continue on with that dance and tone muscles, keep those same balletic movements, but, you know, more fitness sort of focus and then decided to sort of join the two together.

I love teaching. I find that it's a really good switch off from the stressful days, but also pushes me to better myself, better my body, and prevent injuries. So in the instructor training course, so far we've worked on lots of different ballet techniques, both simplified but also more extended versions.

We've worked on a lot of anatomy and physiology, how our muscles work, how they work together, the different movements that our muscles trigger, and then working a lot on the mistakes that students often make in form, or how they need their instructor to push them, what drives them to learn and to get better. And a lot of technique-focused work which is really good.

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