Student Testimonials: Casey, Mat Pilates Training Course

Student Testimonials: Casey, Mat Pilates Training Course



I'm Casey and I'm doing the Pilates training course with Aleenta.

Initially, so, I'm a dance teacher at my mother's dance studio and she's already completed the barre training course. So I go to her barre classes and then this opportunity came along and the fact that it is a retreat and it's all included, there's the meals and the aspect of everyone learning together in this environment just really sold it for us. So we've come along to do the Pilates course as well.

I've learned a lot about myself and my endurance and, and what I felt I thought that I was fairly confident with. And then I've been able to tweak it and build upon those aspects as well. And as well, because I'm mainly working on my Pilates Foundations for my dancers as well. So I've learned a lot of base technical things that I would take home with me to help, to help my girls. I'd recommend this course, especially as the retreat, because it is in such a loving environment and the team-building skills upon that.

It's really helpful having our meals provided for us here so you can focus solely on the work that you're doing and the learning and the knowledge that you're building upon. And you don't have to worry about everything else but your accommodation and your meals and being tired at the end of the day because you do feel really supported in the environment that we have here.

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