Student Testimonials: Bridget, Mat Pilates Training Course

Student Testimonials: Bridget, Mat Pilates Training Course


Hi, I'm Bridget and I'm doing the Mat Pilates Instructor Training with Aleenta.

I really wanted to add Mat Pilates to my skill set because I was already qualified in yoga. I'm doing my yin teacher training at the moment as well and I just thought Mat Pilates would be really nice to go with those to just improve my entire skill set and get better at teaching.

I've been doing Mat Pilates classes in the studio for a while now and I always just really enjoy them. I like the way it makes me feel and it's just a really nice, simple workout. You don't have to go to the gym, you can do it from home, you can do it in the studio. So I really like it because of that.

I'm really, really enjoying the course because it's all in-person. Every other training I've done in the past has been all online, and it's just been so different to be here with Alicia in person and training with other people, actually getting to try things out in your body. So I really liked it because of that. I really liked being on the retreat because it was just a really nice getaway. All you had to focus on was the course that you were doing. All the food was really amazing. It was such a beautiful location. So yeah, you could really just get into what you were learning and not have to worry about anything else.

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