Sound Bites With Dr Dan: Good Pain Vs Bad Pain | PART 2

Sound Bites With Dr Dan: Good Pain Vs Bad Pain | PART 2


I think with with most things, it's sort of a Goldilocks zone. I think if you don't work into any pain, nothing changes. You want, where our bodies are adaptable machines, but we have to push them to a certain degree in order to induce change.

So if we don't push a certain amount, we don't change. But if we push too hard, then we might flare people up and sort of maintain a cycle of irritability or of pain which can become sort of self-reinforcing.

So I think there's a Goldilocks zone in the middle there, I think. And I think that's a sort of almost a universal principle, I feel, wanting to strengthen someone, if you want someone to become psychologically more resilient, like there's this optimal point of being able to push people.

If you coddle people, as I think is done a bit too much in schools and things where sometimes a bit too overprotective of our kids, if we're overprotective, they don't grow as a person and become more resilient.

The same is true for our bodies. The same is true for pain. And I've just started having cold water showers again. If you don't ever immerse yourself in cold water, going into cold water is hell.

But if you do it repeatedly at the right dose, then pretty quickly you accommodate to it and it's, you know, whip on the cold tap and it's fine.

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