150hr Pilates Courses

After educating Instructors for a decade we've developed a unique Course structure designed to set you up for success. All 150hr Courses are delivered via weekly tutorials, online self-study , a 4-Day in-person Intensive with Practical assessment, observation and practice-teaching hours.

  • Group Weekly Online Tutorials

    1. Group Online Tutorials

    Get started with weekly group tutorials where you'll discuss and revise online material, ask questions, and actively learn and share with the group.

  • 2. Highly Engaging Online Study

    Enjoy the flexibility of self-paced learning with engaging video lessons, interactive activities and quizzes. Includes detailed visual instruction manual, instructional video, and interactive quiz.

  • 3. Face-to-Face Practical Intensive

    Where the magic happens! You'll apply your online learning to teaching. You'll design effective classes, explore exercises, and practice delivery. Final day you'll deliver the class you've designed.

  • 4. Self-Mastery & Observation

    Unlock your full potential with essential class observation, participation, and reflection. Discover tips, tricks, and skills to create your own unique voice and style as an instructor.

  • 5. Practice Teaching

    Practice makes perfect and the sooner you start practising teaching the better. You'll start teaching in the trainee-led Aleenta community classes to discover your unique voice and identify areas for growth.

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